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CDWhere to find Eva Cassidy's albums?

When I started this website, Eva's albums were hard to find.  That situation has changed, and now nearly all the on-line CD stores carry her albums.  Also, I encourage you to shop locally when you can.  In North America, the United Kingdom, and some other parts of Europe, most well-stocked stores will carry at least the album SONGBIRD.  Sometimes Eva's albums are shelved in unexpected sections, so it is a good idea to ask if you don't see what you are looking for.  (Jazz? Folk? Pop? Vocals? Bestsellers?)   Another idea -- why not visit an independent CD store to see what they have to offer, instead of the big chains?  Often you'll get superior service and some great suggestions about other music you would enjoy.

To buy Eva Cassidy's albums via the Internet, try the following:

flag of USAmazon.com in the United States carries all the Eva Cassidy CD's, including the once-hard-to-find duet album THE OTHER SIDE (with Chuck Brown).   Amazon encourages its customers to post comments, so please add your opinions about Eva's albums!  The eloquent postings from Eva's fans all over the world make fascinating reading:  "...Cassidy goes deep into familiar and unfamiliar songs to grab the listener -- sometimes to shake us, sometimes to rock us in her arms...."   This website is an "associate" of Amazon.com. If you place an order through the specially coded links here, a small percentage of the sale is donated directly to melanoma research at Johns Hopkins University, at no additional cost to you.

UNION JACK IMAGEAmazon.co.uk also carries Eva Cassidy CDs (including THE OTHER SIDE), as well as the CD "singles" that are not available in the United States.  This website is an "associate" of Amazon.co.uk. When you place an order through the specially coded links here, a small percentage of the sale is donated directly to melanoma research at Johns Hopkins University, at no additional cost to you.

flag of CanadaAmazon.ca carries Eva's albums. As with Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, if you place an order through the specially coded links here, a small percentage of the sale is donated directly to melanoma research at Johns Hopkins University, at no additional cost to you.

flag of GermanyIn Germany, AMAZON.DE carries all Eva's CDs.  I don't know about whether the prices are good.  Let me know if you find other good Internet sources in continental Europe.

The Other Side Liaison Records in Maryland (USA) is the company that issued Eva's first CD, THE OTHER SIDE, with Chuck Brown. Liaison is now able to take Internet orders for all of Eva's cds, not just THE OTHER SIDE which is on their label. Their toll-free number is 800-841-6201. Tom Goldfogle, former CEO of Liaison, once wrote to me, "It's so encouraging to see her music doing so well and that a real legacy is coming into existence that is so deserved. Hot Music in the UK has done an extraordinary job. We've been doing some national listening stations at retail for Chuck & Eva - wonderful to see people enjoying that piece." ("Chuck and Eva" is the unofficial nickname of THE OTHER SIDE.) If you are a fan of cassette tape format instead of CD, ask whether Liaison has any remaining cassettes of THE OTHER SIDE.


CD cover Shortly after completing the album THE OTHER SIDE, Chuck Brown and Eva Cassidy recorded two songs for the Christmas season, "That Spirit of Christmas" and "The Christmas Song" (a.k.a. "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire").  These duets are part of Chuck Brown's 1999 Christmas album, "The Spirit of Christmas," from Liaison Records.   Amazon.com now has this album also. For further details about these and another Christmas songs recorded by Eva, follow this link.

DAN'S ALBUM COVEREva's brother Dan Cassidy is a talented fiddle player based in Iceland.  He can be heard on several songs on Eva's albums :  "I Know You By Heart" (on the SONGBIRD and EVA BY HEART albums), "How Can I Keep From Singing" (on EVA BY HEART), "Penny To My Name" (on TIME AFTER TIME), "Fever" (on THE OTHER SIDE), and "Yesterday" (on AMERICAN TUNE).  His wonderful solo debut CD is entitled DAN CASSIDY ON THE FIDDLE and includes three songs with Eva (these are available on Eva's albums also, sometimes with slight production differences).  The album is only available in Iceland at present, but it's worth seeking out if you're going there!  Here's an Icelandic link where people can apparently order Dan's CD: http://www.skifan.is/.

ALBUM COVER IMAGEEva Cassidy joined with the jazz group "Pieces of a Dream" for their album GOODBYE MANHATTAN.  She sings lead vocals on "Have a Little Faith" and the title track, "Goodbye Manhattan."  The same two songs are included on a new "Pieces of a Dream" album called SENSUAL EMBRACE that seems to be a "best of" type of album.  Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk both have it.  Or try your local music store! I am told that these songs are also available at the iTunes music store for $0.99 each.

Method Actor Album Eva's first album, METHOD ACTOR, had a limited release in LP format in 1988 and has now been reissued on CD.  Eva sings lead vocals on original songs by David Christopher.  She also contributed the artwork for the album jacket.  For additional information, visit the METHOD ACTOR PAGE.

ALBUM COVER IMAGEThis compilation album, DCCD7, features 19 different Washington DC-area bands selected by the Washington Area Music Association.  A bonus track on the CD is a song called "Hear" with Eva Cassidy and her friend Mary Ann Redmond.  The style is soul-pop, very different from most of Eva's recordings. Eva wrote and recorded the song with Chris Biondo, and after her death, Mary Ann Redmond wrote another verse or verses and made the solo into a duet, for this album. This compilation album is sometimes listed as "DC 101 Edition." Note: The same song was remade into the title song for the 2008 release SOMEWHERE.

CDThe band METHOD ACTOR featured Eva on vocals, and you can hear one of those songs, "When It's Too Late," on a compilation disc from the Washington Area Music Association. This track is from Volume One (there have been a number of these discs which showcase our local talent). Chris Biondo says it is a slightly shortened version from the METHOD ACTOR album. For more about METHOD ACTOR, see above.

CD "NEVER LET YOU GO": Eva sings one song, "Never Let You Go," on a CD entitled CALL ME A CAB by a singer/songwriter named Steve Estes. You can order the album via the address shown here, by sending a money order of $15 (includes shipping/handling). There's a sound clip on that web page too.

US "BAGGAGE": Henrik in Denmark writes, "Michael Ingram, who in the mid-80s formed the band Characters Without Names together with Eva, Larry Melton and Ned Judy, has just released an excellent CD with songs from the soundtrack to a film called 'Anywhere But Here', which was directed and produced by Michael. Eva in fact had a scene in the movie, but that was later scrapped, and the movie itself has never been released (Michael, what I meant to say was: 'the film has yet to be released, and don't you dare forget to put that Eva scene back in'). But now the CD is here, and you can order it from CDBaby: www.cdbaby.com/anywherehere . The big news is the CD includes an excellent song called Baggage, written by Michael and his brother Jeff, and sung by...well, who do you think may have sung it to make it such big news? You can read the lyrics, see the cover and get a little background at http://www.evacassidy.dk/album.php?KC" That's all I know, folks! Eva recorded a lot of songs for a lot of people, and little by little they are "coming out of the woodwork," which is good news for her fans. **Update: I am told that this song is available on iTunes.


Songbird ATTENTION VINYL LP ENTHUSIASTS :  The album SONGBIRD is available in vinyl from Hot Records in the UK, and can be ordered from Amazon.co.uk. Additionally:

April 6, 2003: FOR ULTRA-AUDIOPHILES: Henrik in Denmark writes, 'I have just received the "Steve Hoffman Newsletter, Vol. 6". It includes some good news about the remastered vinyl release of the Songbird LP that was promised long ago. Steve Hoffman writes about this project: "It's EVA CASSIDY TIME! The long-awaited Eva Cassidy 'Songbird' album is going to be mastered for 45 RPM by Kevin Gray and myself. This will be a strictly limited edition of this fine album. More Eva to come!" It will be released by S & P Records. The project is also mentioned briefly on Steve Hoffman's web site.' Also:

CD Fall 2003: AUDIOPHILE ALERT: According to the UK site High Fidelity Review, Eva's "Fields of Gold" will be on a new audiophile compilation album. 'The new SACD is Groove Note's second Stereo and Multichannel SACD Sampler disc.... Of particular note are tracks 5 and 7 by Hugh Masakela and Eva Cassidy which make their debut in SACD Stereo on this disc.... In a departure from the last Groove Note SACD Sampler, this one uses the colors and monikor ("Ultimate Collection") from Sony's earlier 2 disc SACD Sampler in the European market. As for the disc itself, Groove Note tells us that the SACD was mastered and authored by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering in Boulder, Colorado "using the latest DSD processors". With a mix of musical genres on the SACD (world, jazz, pop, film music and bossa nova) this will be one to watch for if you're an SACD fan in the Asia-Pacific market where the disc will be made available.'

Time After TimeUPDATED: GOOD NEWS FOR VINYL ENTHUSIASTS: The album TIME AFTER TIME is apparently coming out on vinyl in March of 2005. For slightly more information follow this link: http://www.diversevinyl.com/htm/news.php?id=134. UPDATE: Henrik writes, "I have just received a news mail from Diverse Vinyl. TAT on vinyl is released on March 1, 2005. The price is £26.90."


ALBUM COVER Eva enjoyed singing backup for other artists. You can hear her on a number of albums including two songs on the CD UNTOUCHABLE by guitar legend Danny Gatton (this album is also available from Amazon and elsewhere).  Eva's voice is somewhat identifiable, and Gatton is fabulous.  Eva studied guitar with Danny Gatton at one time -- I always wonder if their services were bartered. Sound clips (of about 1½ minute's duration) of some tracks, including those with Eva on backing vocals ("Ain't That Peculiar" and "Stand By My Side"), can be downloaded from the www.dannygatton.com website.

ALBUM COVER IMAGEShe also provides backup vocals on the album JES GREW by Eva's friend Jeff Muller.  This CD would be a nice introduction to some of Eva's musical friends who performed at her benefit concert.  The album was dedicated to Eva's memory.  You can read a recent review and you can buy it over the Internet.  **UPDATE: www.cdnow.com carries this album now, though at present they have it mislabeled as JES CREW.

CD  10/24/2001 :   As mentioned above, in the early 1990s Eva recorded backup vocals for a number of Washington area performers.  The styles ranged from folk to country to jazz to rap to hip-hop.  Eva enjoyed the musical challenge of singing in the different styles; she also gained valuable recording experience and was able to earn a little money.  One of the rap songs has appeared on a new CD, JIGGAS ON MY ROOF, available from an on-line retailer called "CD Baby."  The song is entitled "This Is For My Mother."  Chris Biondo tells me, "JuJu House recorded that with a group called 'Twenty Times Twenty' in 1991, and Eva came in to do some vocals.   JuJu coached those vocals, he told her what to sing, she came up with the harmonies.  There's some ad lib at the end where we encouraged her to hit the highest notes she could."  You can listen to a two-minute-long Real Audio sound clip by clicking here.  The CD is $15.00 from CD Baby; it may also be available at some stores in DC.  It is described as "A funky sensation of go-go, R&B, and hip hop. This album is explosive from beginning to end, featuring one of the hottest European artists, Eva Cassidy."  CAUTION :  I have not heard this entire CD.  Many rap and hip-hop albums contain "explicit" lyrics.  The song "This Is For My Mother" does not -- it is entirely innocuous, as befits a Mother's Day song -- but some of the other material on the CD might not be appropriate for those of us who have led sheltered lives.  

Long before "Penny To My Name" was on the album TIME AFTER TIME, it was part of songwriter Roger Henderson's album REPLUGGED (under the original title "Gas Station Mountain Home").  REPLUGGED is still available on CD from Henderson's own "Jolly Roger" label by e-mail order.  His address is: Jollyrogermusic@cs.com .  Also on this REPLUGGED album (and the reason it's listed under Back-up Singing), is "After You've Gone," with Eva Cassidy and Carey Colvin adding wonderful background harmonies. Roger's website is rogerhenderson.net.


Eva Cassidy's recordings can now be found on well over a hundred compilation albums.  I am maintaining a sadly incomplete list on the "Songs Page."  Here is a sampling of ones I consider especially noteworthy:

Bob Harris Presents  A compilation album released a couple of years ago in the United Kingdom, BOB HARRIS PRESENTS, contains Eva's recording of "Fields of Gold."   Bob is a much-respected radio announcer with a Saturday night show on BBC Radio 2.  Unlike most U.S. radio broadcasters, Bob Harris is allowed to program his show with music that he personally loves, whether or not the songs are in the Top 40, or appear on the computer printout that came from some central office somewhere, or were recorded by the giant conglomerate corporation that owns both the radio station and a record company. (Can you tell I despise U.S. commercial radio?) The result is an eclectic show that has an enthusiastic following among the most intelligent music-lovers.  This new album includes songs by such varied performers as Judy Tzuke, Steve Earle, the Del McCoury Band, and Dolly Varden.  

"What a bitter-sweet story this is," he writes about Eva Cassidy in the album notes.  "A shy, self-effacing woman with the voice of an angel who dies of cancer at the tragically early age of 33, leaving a legacy of tracks of stunning simplicity and beauty. This is her shimmering version of the much covered Sting song.  This version is the best."

BOB HARRIS PRESENTS is available widely in the UK, and can be ordered via the Internet from Amazon.co.uk (not Amazon.com).  

CD 11/23/2001  If you want to spread the word about Eva without being too heavy-handed about it, perhaps a compilation CD would be a good idea for holiday gift-giving!  My mother (Eva's Aunt Isabel) particularly recommends one called "Martha Stewart Baby: Sleepytime."  She ordered it because it has Eva's "Over the Rainbow" on it, but she tells me all the songs are great and she listens to this CD almost every day.  She thinks they shouldn't have put a baby on the cover-- this is a great compilation that a lot of non-babies would enjoy.  Some of the other artists are Lucinda Williams, Alison Krauss, Bobby McFerrin, Barenaked Ladies, and Tuck and Patti.  If you can't find the album locally, Amazon.com has it here and Amazon.co.uk has it here.  Sounds like a great gift idea, whether or not the "baby" part is germane to the recipient.


CD IMAGE Some of Eva's recordings have been released as Compact Disc singles in the United Kingdom.   Amazon.co.uk and other UK stores now carry these also.  See the "Songs Page" for more details.


Maryland Songwriter Steven Digman's website has a MP3-format sound clip of an unreleased song recorded by Eva Cassidy. As many of you know, Steve wrote "Say Goodbye," "Easy Street Dream," and "Anniversary Song." Eva also recorded backup vocals for at least one of his other songs, as well as this "new" one, "So Slowly & So Smooth." I haven't heard the sound clip, and I don't know how long it is, but I am familiar with the song. Steve won't mind, I hope, if I opine that the other Digman songs Eva recorded are stronger than this one. Still, I know many of you will want to visit his site to have a listen! Let us know what you think! Here's the link: http://www.digmansworld.com/songs.html. Incidentally, the song is not available on CD or anywhere beyond this sound clip. **UPDATE** Henrik in Denmark asked whether Eva is singing backup vocals on the Digman song "UFO," which also has a sound clip on that site. Steven Digman replied, "Yes, that is Eva singing. She did background vocals on a few songs... 'Storyville New Orleans' is another one." He added, "The sample of 'Smooth' I put up as an afterthought -- I thought, why not! It is not a very well written song (average), but of course Eva's vocals are not average and that's why I like the song.... Because Eva sang it. 'Easy Street Dream' is the Eva Cassidy Band version, which I now admit I like better than what was used on 'Time After Time' -- OK, I was wrong!"

US Baltimore singer-songwriter Niki Lee has created a multimedia Eva Cassidy section on her own website.  Included is a "Real Audio" file with one of Niki Lee's songs for which Eva sang backup vocals as part of an ensemble. I can't really distinguish Eva's voice from the rest of the ensemble, but other people tell me that they can. This is available for listening only on the Internet. Also of great interest, a reproduction of Eva's own setlist from Blues Alley, and a note Eva wrote to Niki the night the album was recorded.

Question  "Which songs are on which album?"   Click here for the complete listing, with links to sites with lyrics and guitar chords/tabs too.  

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